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app error 200 reset fix on blackberry all models by skidrow production team to ( 100 % ) WORKING

January 8, 2012

As you know blackberry smart phone is one of the most useful,innovative & modern source of technology for business as well as common use.Nowadays blackberry smart phone users are facing some problems which have disturbed the users of Blackberry .Even users don’t get any clues to solve the errors as well as not any single note is given by the manufacturers of blackberry to solve the problem
So what’s the way out??? & how this problem occurred ?? how to manage this problem ?? These are the few firstly originated questions of the mind.Luckily skidrow production team worked on the problem and find the way to come out of this problem .The problem basically  occurs when you install an application and if it get corrupted the operating system also get corrupted &  as you intend to fix this problem from blackberry service centre they charge you about 50 $ or more to fix the minor problem & will take 2 or more weeks for the service to be done
Instead of all this  head ache just follow the following simple & easy steps to fix the app error 200 in few minutes
So before you start I recommend you should check
1 . Your blackberry is charged fully
2 . You have downloaded and installed the latest version of the software from skidrowprodcution site App Error 523
3   You have downloaded the latest version of blackberry firmware if not  Blackberry App Error 523 .
4. If you are working on laptop make sure your laptop is connected to your power supply .

So lets start .
1 . Connect your blackberry to your PC .
2. launch the software downloaded from the site .
3.  Double Click on the app loader option in the software  . In-case the computer don’t detects your blackberry just unplug your blackberry and the plug in again .
4 . Click Next .
5 . Choose the software you want to install and click next
6 . The software will ask for your blackberry password if you have one just type the password
7 . The Device Application Selection screen appears. Select the applications to be loaded onto your BlackBerry smartphone.
8 . In case the device backup screen appears , choose weather or not to automatically backup the Blackberry phone  . click next .
9 . Click next . The completing app wizard screen will appear and display all the software that will be loaded to you blackberry  smartphone .
10 .  Click the Advanced button and make sure that Erase all application data and Erase all currently installed applications are both selected. Note: If the Application Loader is not able to access all of the BlackBerry smartphone data, then both Erase all application data and Erase all currently installed applications will be grayed out.
11 . Click Next, You’ll be asked if you want to be notified of future updates, enter your email address and then click Next again.
12 . Click Finish. The BlackBerry firmware will now be updated on your BlackBerry. You’ll need to be patient though as this will take around 45 minutes to complete – maybe longer.
13. Now your blackberry is set to run and now you can unplug your phone easily .
I am pretty sure that following above steps fixing the error is now not a big issue.If you are unable to do so restart this process 2 or 3 times it will definitively work.Please share your experience with other people just leave your comment on the website so that  other can avail it.
If in any case you are unable to fix the error leave a PM on my email . I will look into it & try my level best to solve your problem. Thanking you to have a view on it .


App error 200 on blackberry bold


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