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Blackberry app error 523 reset ( works on all models )

December 18, 2011

Well a lot guys were complaining that there blackberry stopped working and they started getting blackberry app error 523 . I have personally searched a lot of forums and guides to find out the exact and accurate source to fix this most common error and the reason behind this error . So I am basically able to conclude some basic things that are responsible in causing this error and how to fix them . I have stated them in a step by step process
Probelm / Finding  :
App Error 523 usually happens after loading incompatible 3rd party software
Well I know this has become a nightmare for you  guys but you guys dont worry , I have a better and effective solution for you people . So lets move to Solution
Solution :
Well to fix hhis blackberry error you will require 3 things
1.  A blackberry phone ( Obviouly :P)
2.  A usb  data cable
3.  Blackberry app error 523  software

Step # 1 :
Connect you blackberry to your Computer

Step # 2
Make sure your computer has recognized you blackberry , If not try rebooting you blackberry .

Step # 3
Open the Blackberry app error 523 software . If you have not downloaded the file just click app error 523

Step # 4
Once you have opened the software . Click wipe Device . It will ask for your confirmation click OK

Step # 5
Now click on load OS > once you have clicked load OS blackberry app loader will open up

Step # 6
Now click on next and continue clicking it till the setup finishes .

Once you have done all these steps you will notice that your blackberry is fine and running , But incase you are unable to fix the software just comment here or leave me a pm on

Special Thanks
Our special tahnks goes to team , because without there effort fixing this error would be a quite difficult task > Hope It helps and waiting for your response .


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